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There is a bond between people who love cloth; something words cannot describe. It's the look, the feel, the colors and the sensuality of cloth.

It moves us deep down in our hearts and souls, it connects us to each other in that unspoken language of touch. We say, "Oh, just feel this" to complete strangers, hoping that the connection is there - wanting to share our love of something so magical.

The Spirit of Cloth is devoted to the love of exquisite textiles. We offer vintage kimono and kimono fabrics, Vietnamese and Cambodian fabrics and closures, Japanese Chirimon and Thai silks all hand selected from around the world. We also offer one-of-a-kind scarves, shawls and purses hand-crafted from these fabrics.

Whether you sew it yourself or not, I hope you will find something here to make you smile.

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Sally Hickerson